Code of conduct for students
  • Students are expected to reach the school campus five minutes before the first bell for morning assembly. Those who are late must obtain permission from the concerned person in charge who make entries in the dairies of late comers before entries in the school campus. After marking three arrival entries in the dairy Rs.20/- will charged as fine for every subsequent late arrival from the late-comer.
  • The warning bell before the assembly begins is a signal for students to go to their respective class-room in perfect silence.
  • Every student should bring the school dairy daily to the school to facilitate the principal/teacher to convey any information or request to the parents/guardians through the diary. If the parents/guardians are asked to meet the principal/teachers, they must do it without fail.
  • All pupils are expected to be present for the assembly during which they pray together and no one is to stay in the class room without obtaining prior permission.
  • The attendance will be marked in the attendance register at the beginning of the two session: one at arrival in the class after room without obtaining prior permission.