My dear loving Parents, teaching fraternity and student community, greetings! It gives me immense pleasure and happiness to pen down a few lines to express my feelings of appreciation and contentment.

Education is a process of transforming oneself and others. More than the academic performance, it must focus on the character formation. In this regard, I would like share with you three points, shared our Honorable Prime Minister on the occasion of the 6th edition of ParikshapeCharcha held on 27 January 2023 that can really help us.

1. Never choose the path of "Short cuts": Always remember that life is a roller coaster. The path is zigzag. If we decide to adopt short cuts, it may provide temporary satisfaction and success but it can cut short our life. Therefore, say no to 'short cuts.

2. Personalize 'Smart Work": We live in a digital era. Digital era in characterized by smart work over hard work. The old story of The Thirsty Crow can really inspire us. To drink water from the pitcher he used his smart work skills than his hard work skills. In our times, infinite opportunities are there to become smart, let us utilize them.

3. Weekly fasting on Electronic gadgets": One of the most powerful addictions that the present generation faces is the gadget addition. Today gadgets are controlling us, instead of humans doing it. We have become a slave to them and they are our masters. In this context, we must become master over them; for that gadget fasting' is a powerful way.

I think these three points are highly relevant and useful for all of us. Let us try to practice them

Once again I thank God for all his blessings during this academic year. And also the teaching and non-teaching fraternity for their selfless service in transforming our children; let me not become silent in acknowledging the great enthusiasm and love of the students.

Yours sincerely,
Sr. Wilfy CSC